2018 Cadilac Escalade – First Review

A couple of years ago Cadillac bosses decided to relaunch the brand, make it more modern, with the whole new model line. As a result, the new Caddies are impressive in almost any aspect, having nothing in common with the previous decade cars, which were suitable to pensioners only. Cadillac has almost a whole range of the SUVs, including all-time legend among full-size premium segment – Escalade. Recently updated flagship Cadillac SUV is likely to get only technical updates for 2018 model year. 2018 Cadillac Escalade might get a brand-new GM transmission, a minor power increase, and a few new strokes in exterior design. The updated model will appear in showrooms closer to the second part of 2017. It will be planned intermediate upgrade, so no special events are expected. The pricing is highly unlikely will not undergo changes. Despite upgrading, the initial price for the 2018 Escalade will stay on the same level, starting at around $74,000.

The current generation Escalade looks absolutely stunning. No wonder that GM has no plans to redesign the SUV. However, there might be a slight update, adding few styling tweaks just to refresh the exterior design of the car. They might be a new front and rear bumpers, and slightly redesigned headlights which might get new LED matrix technology.  In terms of interior design, all is likely to stay the same. The only thing requires constant updates is an infotainment system, however, it might be made by a simple firmware update. The Escalade interior is well trimmed and great in every aspect, there is no strong need to update it. There is a possibility that updated 2018 Escalade will get progressive cruise-control which could act similar to Tesla’s autopilot, though won’t be fully autonomous.

The most significant changes of the new Escalade is under the hood. It is rumored that upgraded luxury SUV will get a new 10-speed automatic transmission, recently released by GM. This decision helps to slightly reduce the fuel consumption, therefore improving the fuel efficiency level up to 19 mpg in combined cycle instead of 17 mpg on the current version of the car.
Despite the eco-friendly oriented trend in the car industry, Escalade is unlikely to lose its thunderous 6.2-liter V8 engine. Moreover, it will get a slight power increase, rumored around 5 percent, so there might be 30 HP addition to current 420 HP and 460 ft-lb unit.