A New England Patriots continued their dominance in the AFC East division. They won eight consecutive titles and also print the NFL history. Before  them record is held Rems generation in the period 1973-1979 with seven titles in a row.

 Patriots were better than defending champion Denver Broncos score of 16: 3 broadcasts. Coach Bill Beličiku and the legendary Tom Brady this is the 16th season together, and even 14 in which it will play a playoff. The most effective game of the season played the Arizona Cardinals and the New Orleans. Saints, two teams that we will look into the playoffs. In the end it was 48:41 for saints who recorded six touchdowns.

Tom Brady came in again in the annals of the NFL, became the quarterback with the most wins in history- including playoffs. QB of New England on Sunday made 201 victory in a career. Brady led the Patriots to victory over the Manning. Legend of the Patriots to a 201 victory of his career came in the 264th game, while Manning in his career played 293 matches.