Ben and Batman solo movie are back “in game” again

While last year Ben Affleck said he might not directed announced Batman solo movie, he finally confirmed that Solo movie will happen with him in the role of Bruce Wayne in front of the camera and as a director behind it.

Double Oscar winner previously explained in the US media that he seriously considers to leave  the film project if the script is not as he wants to be written. However, he was this week guest in Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show and confirmed that the film will still be directed.

– I’m directing the next Batman movie. Yes, it is true, we are working on it. It’s really hard because the previous movie that I directed Live By Night … I worked hard on it and nobody cared. Everyone asks for Batman. I’m working on it … Affleck explained in the show.

The Batman is working title of the film that Ben Affleck is planning to direct, and beside him on IMDB are confirmed and an appearance by Jay Kay Simmons, Joe Manganiello and Jeremy Irons in the role of butler Alfred.

There is no specified an exact date for the premiere, but this year we will see Batman in Justice League.