From the moment you arrive at the Little Corn Island dock on the open page, you know the journey has been worth it…. You’ve left behind the hustle and bustle of the mainland, or home, and arrived at one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean, so much so that most Nicaraguans don’t know anything about it!!

Little Corn receives more visitors than its sister island, though it never seems crowded; joints and hippie hangouts are spread across the northern shore, while the single up market option, the new Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa, features 16 Eco luxury cabanas spread far enough from one another to have privacy, and also to have unbroken sand and sea views. Yemaya’s luxe trappings spoil a bit of the castaway vibe, but you’ll appreciate access to WiFi when you need to call in sick to work on the tenth day in a row. The Exhale Studio features both a secluded palm-shrouded yoga studio and a beach-side exercise platform, while the restaurant,have a very  airy vibe and panoramic views, boasts a menu marked by local ingredients prepared with Thai flare, thanks to the influence of the Bangkok-born executive chef (Yemaya’s green lobster curry after you will image for  Caribbean cuisine forever).

Spend your spare time paddle boarding, kayaking, or walking the tightrope between the beach bar, palms, or west into the wilderness, where chatty green parrots are always keen to enter into discourse about the landscape, point out their favorite eagle ray spotting perches, he will give directions about The Bottle House, the island’s lone “cultural” attraction, operated by a man named Tall Boy, Little Corn’s head jewelry designer and incumbent mayor. Tall Boy is always open minded and he will want to share his island insight with outsiders, and is sure to cut you a solid deal on some local art.

If you are a frequent Caribbean traveler who is tired of the culture-less package deals, then go to a journey to the Corn Islands is worth it, just to see the unchanged multi-lingual, multi-cultural mix that is truly Caribbean and at the same time 100% Nicaraguan, then the Corn Islands, both Big Corn and Little Corn, could not be more worth a visit.