Cleveland coach Tyrone Lu announced that the game tonight in Memphis

Rest LeBron James, Kajrija Irving and Kevin Leo. Cavaliers the previous night at home beat Memphis (103: 86), a guest coach David Fizdejl rested Mark Gasol.


Kyrie Irving did not play last night because of “tired legs” in a duel with Charlotte on Saturday. Kevin Love has recently missed a few sessions because of spasms in his back. Lebron James over the weekend in related games against Miami and Charlotte played a total of 80 minutes.
“Kyrie got two games to rest, he was complaining that his legs were tired and it hurts the body. It’s not the injuries. They will have a week to work on his game, to rehabilitate and Saturday will be ready. Lebron is played a lot lately, while Kevin back to suffer a little. We have decided not to travel to Memphis, “briefly noted Tyrone Lu.
Reporters asked, why did not coach Cleveland rested one at a star, but not all three at once.
“First of all, we wanted to win this match at home. Since Irving did not play, I can not just leave Lava and James to pull a goal. When you play two of the three, I know that we can get a match. For the upcoming hosting did not want to further traumatize one of the three “.
In another related game against Memphis City starter occupancy Deandre legions, Iman Shumpert and James Jones.
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