Considering factors for Patriots to look at Brandon Marshall

Anthony, there were quite a few questions on Brandon Marshall after the news came down that the new York Jets  granted his request to release him. In 2015, he told ESPN Radio that he could have been traded from Chicago to New England, which is interesting background on the topic. The Patriots have quality intelligence on Marshall, going back to 2009 when offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels had him in Denver. The same is true with the 2011Miami Dolphins  season when former New England tight ends coach Brian Daboll was Miami’s offensive coordinator.

While the initial thought is that Marshall joining the Patriots would be a long-odds situation, it can’t be ruled out without ascertaining more information. At the least, the club would be wise to go through the due diligence process and assess the potential financial market for him. If Marshall is truly motivated to play for a winning franchise, and the chance to catch passes from quarterback Tom Brady, perhaps he would be this year’s Chris Long  — a player who signs a one-year deal with a modest value. If those are the dynamics in play, it could make it more enticing for the Patriots to consider it, as the wide receiver corps returns Julian Edelman, Chris Hogam and Malcom Mitchell  in the top three spots. The 6-foot-4, 230-pound Marshall would add a different dynamic based on his bigger physical makeup.

Also, as we know, the Patriots tend to prefer dipping into the market of players cut by other teams because they don’t affect the compensatory draft pick formula. Marshall would fit in that sense as well.

When considering all those dynamics, the possibility at least warrants further exploration. A lot of pieces would have to fall into place, which ultimately makes me think the possibility is doubtful.