Djokovic’s hilarious attempt at wheelchair tennis

Novak Djokovic has attempted to take on Aussie champion Dylan Alcott in a game of wheelchair tennis, during the Night With Novak charity event.

The Serbian started the rally off well, but showed he struggled with mobility as Alcott made him move for the ball.

“You gotta move, ready, you gotta move!” Alcott screamed out as he hit the ball just out of reach of Djokovic.
The world number two could only watch as the ball travelled past him, while he struggled with the wheels.

“Oh no, no!” Djokovic yelled out as the crowd erupted in laughter.
Djokovic tried his hand at a number of different sports on the night, with varying degrees of success.

“It was such an enjoyable night, I want to thank Australian Open, I want to thank all the participants for taking part, contributing to this event,” Djokovic said at the conclusion on the event.

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