Kombat T98 – Luxury Vehicle With Heavy Armor

Kombat is the fastest heavy armor ( luxury ) all – road vehicle in the world with the unique protection capabilities from level B2 to the highest level – B7 , also available NATO STANAG protection level 3/4 , which includes protection 12.7mm bullet ( heavy machine guns ) , this level of protection is not available for all passenger vehicles and using shielding for light tank . We have two base versions of the Combat T – 98 . For the custom market it is Combat T – 98 , ” VIP ” . It is based on components including GM 8.1L 400HP or Vortek 6.0L engine, Allison 6SP . Automatic transmission and GM HD suspensions Track 4X4 light. Vehicles may be frameless for heavy armor or the basic framework for the light version . Suspensions mounted directly to the body welded steel full bed. All the ” VIP ” Combat has full options including ABS , airbags , automatic temperature control , message center information , full of power options , leather and wood quality Hi inside. To the TOP version is that we’re using structure and time base , the interior manufactory customized by individual needs . Shielding for landmine AK47 among others.



Vehicle’s platform is created using components from USA manufacturer General Motors for GMC Sierra, Shevrolet Silverado 2500 (3500) — full-size pickup trucks.

There are two options of the vehicle — 5 seater hard top nad 5 to 7 seater station wagon.

“Utility” Kombat (the different interiors, engine is diesel, painting, there is gun ports and roof gun ring also more strong suspensions) is for the special operation, some of the troops or police use, with a few types of the body specialty design, the engine is 365HP diesel and 6-speed ZF manual or automatic transmission. Off-road KOMBAT characteristics are provided by the quality and reliability of 2009 model General Motors Company component parts.

The armored body – is personal pride of our group. Reached by means of hi-quality Germany bulletproof steels, the body is extraordinary strong. KOMBAT has the double body made on the base “metal-ceramic sandwich with cellular filler” technology. This technology allows obtaining high-level protection in comparison with modern civil armored cars. It is impossible to mount such armor, even on so famed car as HUMMER. 50mm glass bears the shot of shotgun with armor-piercing bullet. KOMBAT has a protection against mines blasts and in any performance is able to stand the ram.