Malone: I have never coached a player like Jokic

Denver coach Michael Malone never spared compliments on account of its center Nikola Jokic, a Serbian national team player games are great bothered to Nuggets strategist sees in it something else.

20 Year-old basketball player returned to the starting lineup of the team from Colorado, is in great

shape, and in addition to the usual effect when the points comes to Jokic lucid assists more drawing attention to yourself.

“I’ve never coached anyone who is a playmaker in the center of the body,” admitted Malone.

“DeMarcus Cousins handled the ball very well and good passes in Sacramento, I had the opportunity to be near the high of some talented players, but never next to a guy that has these abilities Round ball”.

He admits that Jokic reminiscent of Vlade Divac.

“Divac was an incredible assistant regardless of the position on the field and Nikola reminds me a little about him. I’m not someone who is coached this good in that aspect, no offense to the other guys.”

Malone is known that Jokic as a kid was a playmaker and believes therefore has such a good overview of the game.

“He played that position as a kid. He was chubby point guard and had the ball in his hands. That’s why I think it handles the ball well. He now makes it his teammates better, and that is the best definition of great players.” Makes his teammates better, “he stressed Malone’s.

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