Mercedes AMG C63 vs Audi RS6 – Drag Race (Videos)

Naturally aspirated engines are like straightforward girlfriends – they’re not amazing, but you know exactly what to expect from them. Yet just like glossy magazines have changed our perception of beauty, so too have turbo engines changed our understanding of power.

What the heck are we talking about? Well how else would you start a story where a 6.2-liter AMG-tuned coupe gets its butt kicked by an Audi wagon with a much smaller 4-liter V8. I mean the RS6 weighs 2 tons for goodness’ sake – it just shouldn’t be possible.

Of course, anybody who’s familiar with the RS6 knows just how fast it is. Even though the V8 engine has only 4 liters of displacement, it makes 560 horsepower. On the track, the C63 AMG Black Series is an addictive car, but it doesn’t stand a chance in a straight line against the mighty quattro.

Because of the turbos, the power gap between the two cars is about 50 hp and 100 Nm of torque in favor of the Audi. It’s not monumental, but the grunt arrives sooner in the RS6 and the quattro all-wheel drive system makes better use of it than the admittedly very wide tires on the Black. By the time they reach 100 km/h the Audi model claims to be 0.4 seconds ahead.

You might think this is an unfair competition, but it’s really not. Back in 2012 when the Black was still new, it could cost more than €130,000 because it was so rare and sought after.
Check out what happens when you put an RS6 against the C63 AMG Black Series in this drag race video shot by Auto Express at Race the Runway.