Mercedes S600 Royale Is Coming In Modern – Classic Design

We’re talking about a coach-built coach-ruined MB that has the whole Internet on its toes, since nobody knows the story behind the contraption. The luxury sedan, which goes by the name of S600 Royale, packs details such as a grille that seems to be modeled after that of the classic W110, while the front and rear light clusters come from the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Heck, it even packs SLR-inspired side air vents.

The aura of mystery around the all-custom four-door has confused people, with this leading to two main inconsistencies in the story being built around the vehicle.

First of all, this car might not have started out in life as a Mercedes-Benz. While we can’t tell what hides under the tons of custom exterior work, this might just be a Bentley. The interior clearly comes from an S-Class, but check out that greenhouse and you’ll understand our Crewe suspicion.

Then there’s the part that concerns the origins of the vehicle. At first, it was thought this was penned by Henrik Fisker, but the designer reached out to Road&Track explaining he had nothing to do with the thing.

As it turns out, Galpin Auto Sports, the crew who builds the $125,000 725 hp Mustang, might be the company behind this project. The image above had reportedly shown up on Galpin’s Facebook page, but has been deleted (obviously not before someone grabbed it).

While the attention to details and the amount of custom fabrication work invested in this contraption are nothing short of amazing, it’s sad to see the unhappy marriage between many of the vehicle’s elements. Perhaps the best example comes from the rear end, where the shiny bumper meets the “diffuser” underneath.