Michael Irvin on Tony Romo: He can give you another two or three years’

Speculation these days centers on where Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will land.

But while the primary discussion entails what teams afford the best fit — more on this later — Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin wants to throw another variable into the equation.


“There’s no doubt he can give you another two or three years,” Irvin said of Romo.

Romo turns 37 in April. He’s played in just five games the last two seasons — finishing two — due to injuries and Dak Prescott’s unexpected rise during the veteran quarterback’s absence to start this season.

Irvin has another piece of advice for teams interested in Romo.

“Whatever team takes Tony, let me tell you my two cents,” Irvin said. “Be smart enough to take him in his offense, because you’re paying for him for his shoulders up. You’re not giving up what you’re going to give up for him for shoulders down because you know the body is not what it used to be.

“Don’t just take the man, take this offense with him so you can get the best part of the man. Tony knows the ins and outs of this offense. Jerry [Jones] has already said he thinks Tony will be a great offensive coordinator or head coach one day because he knows the offense.

“So when you take Tony on, bring his offense so you can get the best Tony you know, you can use all of his knowledge.”

And where does he think Romo will wind up?

“I hope he ends up in a place where they really have a shot of doing something,” Irvin said. “For me, I hope it’s a place like a Denver. Even right here [Houston] wouldn’t be bad for Tony. The team here is a pretty good team, probably a quarterback away.

“But I thought when Denver hired Vance Joseph … I thought that was a great opportunity for Tony because now he can go to Denver and implement his offense and in the next couple of years do some pretty good things with that talent and that defense.”