Nicole Kidman’s ‘bizarre behaviour’ at Golden Globes

You never know what’s going to happen on the Golden Globes red carpet. One minute you’re talking about the films you’ve been working on, and the next minute an A-lister is crashing your interview on live television. And that’s why we love it so much.

Viral internet sensation Liza Koshy took over the red carpet for the Golden Globes official account tonight, and during her interview with Tom Hiddleston, a special lady by the name of Nicole Kidman decided to just pop in and say hello.

“Stop. That’s enough. Enough talking,” she joked to Hiddleston, who then went from interviewee to interviewer. “I’m going to interview you now,” Hiddleston told his pal. “How are you feeling about this Golden Globes ceremony?”

“I’m so happy to be here and I’m determined to have fun, that’s why I came and did that,” she explains. Hiddleston then followed with the famous question, “Who are you wearing?”