Rumors: New Guns, Gear and More On SHOT SHOW 2017

Once the show starts, the page will be updated quite frequently, so you will want to refresh frequently. Before the show, new gun rumors and other information will be added as it comes up.

A quick note: Thank you to the National Shooting Sports Foundation for organizing the annual SHOT Show. The NSSF has done a lot of good things for the industry, and this trade show is like none other. Thank you!

Pistols and Revolvers

New pistols and revolvers are introduced every year at the SHOT Show, and the 2017 show will be no different. I know that Smith & Wesson has been preparing a commercial launch of the updated M&P line of handguns, which could be one of the major announcements we will see.

Regardless of what is shown, the staff will be there to bring you all of the photos, video and information on the new handguns for 2017.

Coonan 9mm, 10mm Pistols

The Coonan name became famous for putting the .357 Magnum in the 1911 frame. For 2017, the company will now offer 1911-style pistols in both 9mm and 10mm. The new guns use pivoting triggers, linkless barrels and external extractors to keep things running.


The Standard Manufacturing Company announced it would now begin making and selling 1911 style pistols. The first gun, the STD-1911, will be shown at the SHOT Show in 2017. It will feature a 5″ match barrel and be chambered in .45 ACP. Although I don’t see anything that really distinguishes it from a lot of other 1911 pistols already on the market, I do look forward to seeing the gun for myself.

Glock 17M

 It is no secret that Glock won the FBI contract, and it is a poorly kept one that the company began shipping new model guns to at least one police agency in the United States. The company has not released any information about these new guns, and won’t until it determines it is ready to. I would not be surprised to see these on display at the show in January. Everyone seems to like Glock rumors, and we will do our best to keep you in the loop.

Shotguns, Rifles and Naughty NFA

As with handguns, there are all kinds of long gun introductions made at this trade show including new rifle calibers. One of the fastest growing categories, however, has been NFA items. NFA (National Firearms Act) items include short barrel rifles, sound suppressors and other tools.

Adler Arms will be back at the SHOT Show this year and will be showing its line of lever action shotguns. Right now, the company looks to be introduce its latest camo pattern hunting shotgun to US customers.

Gorilla Gear Hunting Safety Gear

When hunting from a height, fall safety should be as large a concern as gun safety. Every year, hunters are injured, paralyzed and killed by falls. Gorilla Gear is offering a couple of new products including the G-TAC AIR Flex Fit safety harness and the First Defense Line quick connect tree rope. The harness is designed to be very comfortable without impairing safety while the Fall Defense Line offers easy use and can support up to 400 pounds.

I-Nigma Ballistic Shirt

This new ballistic “vest” is actually closer to a shirt that fits tighter to the body but remains flexible for comfort. This could be ideal for anyone needing more discreet protection. It offers NIJ certified protection from handgun rounds, but also can take Level III and Level IV rifle plates if you need to up-armor in an emergency. This is being made by a pair of European firms, and I do not have any pricing information yet.