Several factors that led to Gavin Escobar’s disappointing stay with theCowboys

Global Magazine News, Cowboys beat writer for and The Dallas Morning News, answered questions about the team in a live chat Tuesday. Here are some highlights.

So the Tony Romo saga appears to have come to a close … or has it? Some are quick to speculate that he may still be open to playing. Any truth to that?

GMN: He intends to begin his broadcast career. Does that mean he won’t feel the tug to return once a quarterback goes down and there’s an opening? Of course he will. Every quarterback does. But that doesn’t mean it’s in his best interests to do so. He will be at CBS.

How concerning is Ezekiel Elliott’s off-the-field behavior? And where’s his guidance coming from?

GMN: Elliott likes to enjoy himself on the field and away from the game. He showed that at Ohio State and in his brief time in Dallas. He’s impulsive. He puts himself in compromising positions and has made poor decisions on several occasions. Sure it’s a concern. Where he gets his guidance is really no different than anyone else _ his family, his peers and his employer. But he’s the one making the decisions, not them. He doesn’t need better guidance. He needs to make better decisions.

First Martellus Bennett, now Gavin Escobar. Why was the latter such a disappointment in Dallas?

GMN: The Cowboys brought him in to be a receiving threat then didn’t give him more snaps because he wasn’t an effective blocker in the running game. That’s on them and indicates a split on draft night when owner Jerry Jones said he was assured by head coach Jason Garrett that the Cowboys would find a way to use Escobar. Once Scott Linehan came on board as offensive coordinator I believe the Cowboys accepted Escobar for who he was as a player and were determined to get him the ball more, but Cole Beasley’s rise as the slot receiver limited his opportunities. That was Escobar’s chance. If he had established himself as a consistent threat before Beasley we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Beasley got there first and there just aren’t that many opportunities after him in the Cowboys offense to go around.

Did the Cowboys miss out on signing Josh McCown because of the Romo situation?

GMN: No. He was out of their price range.

How much longer will the NFL drag out its investigation into Ezekiel Elliott?

GMN: It’s already gone on too long in my estimation. But Elliott did himself no favors with his antics on St. Patrick’s Day. That’s not related to the initial investigation, but in terms of public perception it doesn’t look good to conclude investigation now.