Shocking footage appears to show Barkley getting punched in club after Leicester win

Footage appears to show Ross Barkley getting punched in club after Leicester win

Ross Barkley was at his devastating best for Everton during Sunday’s 4-2 win over Leicester City.

While the Englishman only recorded an assist, he was superb in the No.10 role and produced one of the game’s best moments to set up Romelu Lukaku.

From the right flank, Barkley whipped an inch-perfect David Beckham-esque cross into the box for Lukaku to power a header past Kasper Schmeichel.

Now 23-years-old, Barkley has become a pivotal figure for Everton, yet there’s an air of uncertainty about his future at the club.

His current deal expires in 2018 and with the clock ticking on signing a new contract, Ronald Koeman has threatened to sell Barkley in the summer.

“We offer him a new contract, and then [there are] two possibilities,” Koeman said after the game, per Sky Sports.

“One, he signs that contract, if he doesn’t sign that contract then we need to sell the player. It’s simple – it’s not so difficult in my opinion.”

Losing Barkley would come as a huge blow to Everton who, armed with the young talents of Lukaku and Tom Davies, continue to improve with every season.

However, questions remain over Barkley’s behaviour off the pitch and that notion was reinforced following the emphatic win over Leicester.

Shocking CCTV footage has emerged showing what appears to be Barkley getting punched in a nightclub in the early hours of Monday morning (see below).




In the video, which shows the date April 10 towards the end, Barkley can be seen talking to a man before getting floored with one punch. Onlookers then separate the pair.

It’s unclear exactly what prompted the man to hit Barkley, but you can be sure Everton will issue an immediate response.

The attacking midfielder has always been prone to criticism but according to Phil Neville, he can’t understand how anyone has a bad word to say about him.

“I hope he stays, as an Everton supporter and former player,” Neville said on Sky Sports, per the Daily Mail. “I hate the people who don’t rate Ross Barkley.

“It absolutely kills me every time I see someone write or speak badly about him.

“I think you have got to look at the ability of the boy. As an English footballing nation, we should be supporting someone with that talent.”