Silver Shadow Gilboa Snake Double Barreled from Israel

The Silver Shadow Gilboa Snake is a double-barreled AR-style combat rifle.  The end result is a rifle that fires two rounds with each pull of the trigger.

The rifle is chambered in 5.56 NATO and uses a piston system (not direct impingement).  Both barrels are about 9.5″ long, are chrome lined and have a 1:7 RH twist.

Unloaded, the gun weighs about 9.4 pounds.  According to the US Army, a standard M4 weighs about 7.5 pounds with a sling and loaded magazine.  So, figure a little more than two extra pounds for the extra metal.  Semi-automatic and full-auto versions are being made.

The upper and lower receivers of the Gilboa Snake are machined from aluminum alloy billet.  The flat top upper has a full-length Picatinny rail for adding optics and iron sights as you like.  The flip-up iron sights shown on this model are made by Troy Industries.

Silver Shadow is an Israeli manufacturer of military firearms.  Many of their employees, from the executives on down, are former members of the IDF and Israeli police force.  Needless to say, they bring a critical eye to the development of any new weapon platform.

It would be easy to dismiss this rifle as a gimmick, but I don’t think it is.  I believe the Gilboa Snake is a legitimate product designed to increase the amount of firepower troops can bring to the fight.  Whether the system proves to be effective is another story altogether.

The Gilboa DBR, also called the Gilboa Snake, is a concept rifle being shown by Silver Shadow Advanced Security Systems this week.  It uses a double barrel system to “…accurately deliver two rounds into a target without the delay of cycling and recoil.”  With each pull of the trigger, two rounds are fired.

The idea is not new, but no one has managed to make a double barrel combat rifle into a commercially viable platform before.  The Gilboa DBR clearly aims to change that.

From the photos, it appears the DBR uses an extra-wide lower with a dual magazine well configuration.  A wide oval quad-rail wraps the dual barrels.  The barrels are tipped with proprietary muzzle brakes/flash hiders.

I have seen the DBR also referred to as the Gilboa Snake.  It is unclear why there are two names, but I suspect the DBR is a working name, while Snake could be the commercial name of the rifle.

Silver Shadow Advanced Security Systems is an Israeli arms company that already makes a single barreled version of the Gilboa that is similar in design to the M4/AR15/M16 line of weapons.  The standard Gilboa is chambered in 5.56 NATO and takes standard M4 magazines.

The Gilboa uses a proprietary gas system that is said to run cleaner and cooler than the direct impingement found in the M4.  Silver Shadow claims this system improves reliability.