The Best 9MM Pistols

The 9mm pistol is one of the most popular and widely used handguns in the United States and around the world.  They are the top choice for military and law enforcement agencies around the world and are great options for beginners and for women. They have always been in favor with both casual shooters and gun enthusiasts due to the ease of use and minimal amounts of recoil.

So what’s so special about the 9mm pistol? Their reliable design, compact size, clip capacity, and velocity all set them apart from other types of handguns. They are ideal for self-defense, concealed carry, and even sport shooting.

But not all 9mm pistols are the same. Though they usually share the same basic profiles, the specific features and characteristics of the handguns tend to change for manufacturer to manufacturer and from model to model. Below we review our favorite five of the best 9mm pistols on the market.

In our opinion, these are the handguns with the best balance of reliability, quality of design, ease of use, affordability, and overall performance.

The CZ-75 SP-01:

Originally designed for use as a military and law enforcement sidearm, the CZ-75 SP-01 is a high quality 9mm pistol from one of the best companies in the industry.

The model is often praised for its accuracy and superior handling. In fact, these characteristics have led security forces around the world to adopt the gun for use in the war on terrorism. The CZ-75 SP-01 has also found a number of supporters in sport and target shooting circle thanks to its accuracy and ease of use. In addition, the handgun features an attractive sleek black finish that reduces corrosion and increases overall durability.

It is also the perfect 9mm to use with customized attachments and alterations and the tactical rail makes for easy add-ons if you plan to use a tactical light or red dot attachment.

Getting right to the bone, the CZ-75 SP-01 is built with a stainless steel frame. It weighs in at just 39 ounces and features an 18 round magazine capacity.

This 9mm pistol is usually quite affordable in most places. The price you pay brings with it high performance and equally high reliability. This is one handgun you can count on to shoot through thousands of rounds without a single issue. Straight out of the box, it is a top contender.

The Glock 17 Gen 4:

Glock is a name known and loved by gun enthusiasts. Indeed, they are one of the most well known gun companies and many users highly prize their Glock firearms. Their Gen 4 line is more popular than ever before with Glock fans.

The Glock 17 Gen 4 is Glock’s answer to the 9mm pistol. In an attempt to manufacturer the best possible 9mm handgun possible, Glock built their Glock 17 on an incredibly solid polymer frame. While durable as any other 9mm on the market, the pistol is also lightweight clocking in at just 25.06 ounces.

The main highlights of the Gen 4 Glock 17 include its comfortable design with a strong grip and great texturing. These factors combine together to make the gun easy (and fun) to hold and to shoot.

Any existing fan of other Glock firearms will love the Glock 17. And those that have not yet given this company’s handguns a try will likely love the gun. Glocks are known far and wide for their versatility and are among the easiest handguns to get used to shooting as long as you are comfortable with the grip.

The Beretta 92FS:

There is simply no denying that the Beretta 92FS is another strong contender for the title of the best 9mm pistol currently on the market. Like the CZ-75 SP-01 and Glock 17, this Beretta handgun is popular with military and law enforcement officials.

It is revered for its capabilities at long-distance shooting.

Constructed from an alloy frame, the Beretta 92FS weighs in at 33.3 ounces. It has a 15 round magazine. The pistol is noted for its incredibly accuracy. In fact, this is its best feature, bar none.

It is as easy to use up close in tight quarters as it is at long distances, of up to 50 yards or more(their claim). Best of all, the accuracy is consistent at the long distances.

The Beretta 92FS is a great pistol. It is built the way that 9mm’s are supposed to be built with all metal parts and no plastic. It’s the kind of handgun that will hold up to even the rugged conditions imaginable.

If you want a 9mm that is built to last, there are few better choices than the Beretta 92FS.

The Heckler and Koch VP9:

The Heckler and Koch VP9 is the handgun for those that demand the utmost in quality and reliability. It ranks as one of the best 9mm pistols on the market thanks to its amazing construction. This construction is what gives the gun its reliability and durability.

At just 25.6 ounces, the Heckler and Koch VP9 uses a polymer frame and features a 15 round magazine capacity. It is a lightweight pistol that nevertheless feels solid in your hands. It shoots straight and true with accuracy. The trigger pull is near perfect with little takeup and a clean break. The Heckler and Koch VP9 is another one of those 9mm pistols that is a favorite in the law enforcement market. Police organizations use the VP9 as their primary sidearm.

The reasons include, once again, its superior quality of construction which benefits every other aspect of the gun from reliability to durability to performance to accuracy.

If the Heckler and Koch VP9 is good enough for law enforcement officials that constantly put their lives on the line, then it is more than good enough for the average gun enthusiast.

The Walther PPQ:

Walther is a unique firearms manufacturer that does things their own way. They do not follow the trends and are dedicated to creating only the best handguns that they themselves would use. In this sense, the Walther PPQ is a unique 9mm pistol that is a little bit different than other top contenders on the market.

The Walther PPQ sits on a polymer frame and weighs in at 24 ounces. It features a 15 round magazine and has one of the best grips in the game. Though, the grip is ergonomically molded to fit in the hand as comfortably as humanly possible. The gun actually feels like it was made for your own hand.

The trigger action is another factor that many people compliment the Walther PPQ on. It is short and crisp. Many people compare it to a 1911 combat pistol.

Beyond this, the Walther PPQ oozes accuracy and performance. It is durable and holds up to abuse. It is reliable and rarely jams.

It is customizable and can be used for concealed carry. Simply put, the Walther PPQ Is capable of doing almost anything.

One thought on “The Best 9MM Pistols

  1. the VP 9 definitely deserves to be on this list.
    We bought one for my wife because she has compromised hand strength. Felt recoil from a revolver is too harsh.
    Other 9mm pistols had to stiff a recoil spring making the slide hard for her to rack.
    The thumb paddle mag release was a breeze for her too.
    My niece who ways maybe 110# soaking wet can keep the muzzle near flat through a a full mag. She can also easily handle my VP40.
    I highly recommend the VP9 for anyone with compromised hand strength.

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