The New AUDI A9

Audi looks set to follow in Tesla’s footsteps and offer its new A9 as a luxurious electric-only model. This new car, designed to rival the likes of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe and upcoming BMW 8 Series, will be the third in a series of all-electric vehicles from Audi to go on sale before 2020.

The German brand aims to increase production of electric cars to represent almost 25 per cent of its total output by 2025. This plan includes, alongside the new A9, a production version of the e-tron quattro Concept – called the Q6 e-tron – and a replacement for the current generation A3 e-tron.

Back in 2013, the Audi A9 Concept was being revealed and nearly a year after that, the A9 Prologue was being shown. The two cars were Audi’s statement that they want to make something bigger, more luxurious and more powerful than the A8. Well, it now seems that a new A9 concept might be coming our way. The release date is currently under wraps, and there are very few details about it.

Even though Audi’s recognizable lines, 2016 Audi A9 Prologue surprising its sporty lines. It is hard to believe that the designers have decided to transform their highest luxury sedan into a sports car, with a two-door coupe.

Large radiator grille is broad and flat, and wedge-shaped headlights with high-resolution Matrix laser technology (an innovation from Audi) will leave you breathless when you see him on the road. Shorter and flatter than the A8 models, the concept of Audi Prologue with a length of 5.10 meters (16.7 ft) wheelbase of 2.94 meters (9.6 feet), width of 1.95 meters (6.4 ft) and height of 1.39 meters (4.6 ft), makes that “BMW 7 Series” and “Mercedes S-class” seem old-fashioned compared to him.

285/30 Pirelli P Zero rubber wrapped around 22-inch wheels and carbon-ceramic brakes ensure safety on the road. What leaves a special impression is concave rear window, which was thrust under the trunk lid, as well as continuous lightening strips on the rear lights. Further, Audi has hooked up the Prologue with the classic SAAB like tail lamps but with a modern tweak. The rear also features dual exhaust pipes.


Like with the original concept, the A9 would be the two-door version of the A8. Mercedes did the same move with the S-Class Coupe and it wouldn’t make sense for Audi not to follow them. Because it will be an Audi, the car will feature the same modular MLB Evo architecture as most of their other cars. This will have a longitudinal front engine and it will provide a highly modular chassis. There is still no word on the actual size of the car. Rumors suggest for a wheelbase similar to the regular A8. On top of that, the length might be shorter in order to create a more balanced design. We do expect the Audi A8 and the Audi A9 to be quite similar at the front.

The two will likely share the same grille design, headlights, and even bumpers. However, the A9 will likely get a slightly more aggressive lip. At the back, the two-door 2017 Audi A9 should receive an all new styling. This could borrow cues from the current A7, so expect a more aggressive take on the two-door luxury car. Even though at this point not much is known about it, we do expect at least an S version. An RS model would also make a lot of sense considering Mercedes’ AMG version of the S-Class Coupe.



Unfortunately, inside the cabin, the future Audi A9 will be pretty much identical to the A8. This is not really a bad thing but we did hope the car to get something unique. The two will share the same design of the dashboard, an identical instrument cluster and also the same equipment level. The differences will be seen on the S and RS models. Also, the seats will be different throughout the range in order to allow the rear passengers to board the car. The RS model could receive a two-seats model with the rear seats being replaced by a storage shelf.