There’s a hilarious reason why Cristiano Ronaldo’s new statye is so terrible

Cristiano Ronaldo’s new statue is terrible for a pretty hilarious reason

Lionel Messi might be regarded as the world’s best footballer right now, but there is surely no bigger name than Cristiano Ronaldo.

His fame knows no bounds, with an underwear range, fragrance, movie and museum in his home city of Funchal all paying tribute to the Real Madrid winger.

But just when you thought Ronaldo’s superstardom had reached its peak, it was announced last summer that Madeira’s airport would be named after him.

Portugal’s unprecedented success at Euro 2016 prompted government officials to reward the 32-year-old by renaming the Madeira International as ‘Aeroporto Cristiano Ronaldo’.

However, what was meant to be a momentous occasion for Ronaldo on Wednesday ended up becoming a bit of a farce.

A statue of Ronaldo was unveiled to mark the renaming of Madeira’s airport and, as you can see below, it’s absolutely terrible.

So terrible, in fact, that it looks more like football’s Niall Quinn and ‘The Head’ from Art Attack than it does Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s questionable bust has drawn a lot of criticism over the past 24 hours, with the statue’s artist, Emanuel Santos, since reacting to the buzz.

And while he defended his creation in an interview with Globo Sports, he inadvertently revealed a pretty hilarious reason as to why it’s so awful: he used internet photos.

“Even Jesus did not please everyone,” he said, per the Telegraph. “This is a matter of taste, it’s not as simple as it seems.

“I used photos of Cristiano Ronaldo that I searched on the internet as a base. I put the photos next to me and started working on the bust.

“What matters is the impact that this work generates. There is always the possibility of making a difference, I was prepared for all this.”

There’s a lesson to be learned here: never, EVER, use internet photos when sculpting a statue for someone like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Santos claims that Ronaldo liked his statue, but we’re not so convinced.

“Cristiano saw the photos that his brother sent him,” he added. “I was with the brother at Cristiano’s museum in Madeira and from the messages he sent, I could tell that he liked what he saw.

“He only asked for some wrinkles to be changed, that give him a certain expression in his face when he’s about to laugh.

“He said it made him look older and asked for it to be thinned out a bit to make it smoother and more jovial. But they gave it the go-ahead before they liked what they saw.”