Top plays of the NFL 2016/17 season to date

There has been a lot of good…and maybe some bad parts to this NFL Season.  Like every year, fans of every team will be left hungry for more in 2017, and some are already moving on the draft.  However, one thing we can all appreciate are some top plays.

These are my takes on the Top  plays of the NFL season to date.

In December of 2014, Eric Berry was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer.  He left the NFL, entered treatment, and was fighting for his life.  The next season, Eric Berry was given the great news that he was cancer free, and returned to football.

Fast forward to this game in Atlanta.  Berry’s hometown, and still home to his parents.  Berry told NFL reporters he was very emotional entering this gAame.  He hadn’t been back to Atlanta since his chemo treatments the year before.  He hadn’t played in front of his parents in a long time.

But Berry started quick, and just before halftime returned an interception of Matt Ryan back for a touchdown.  He found his mother, and gave her the ball.  This probably would have been enough for one day, but Berry wasn’t done.

With 4:32 remaining on the clock, the Falcons scored a touchdown to take a 1 pt lead.  Like most teams, the Falcons opted to go for 2 to make it a 3 point game.  Matt Ryan took the snap looked right, then looked left, but he didn’t see Eric Berry.

Berry intercepted the ball on the goal line and returned it 100 yards back to the same endzone as he did the first time, this time finding his dad for the ball.  The “pick-2” meant that the Falcons went from having a lead, to now trailing by 1.  And it turned out to be the game winning play.

The craziness of the play, the 2 game changing moments by Berry, and the story behind it all make this a no brainer for No. 1 on this list of NFL top plays.  Hats off to Eric Berry for more than just what he did in this game, and even footbal