The capital of the French Paris the city of light. The dream of every artist. A city where every street has at least one building, located in a handbook or a history of the French encyclopedia. For  Parisians  is the center of the world. The residents of the planet sow Paris like a  metropolis all metropolis. Give him and envy him today as much as they did, and a hundred years. In Paris, there are many sights and tourist attractions. With a history of the second millennium, this city was the site of significant historical events. That is why we visit Paris every year to 30 million tourists.

The French capital has hundreds worthy of historical buildings, churches, squares, streets and parks, about 160 museums, 200 art galleries, 100 theaters  over 650 cinemas and more than 10,000 restaurants. Constantly there is a rich offer of cultural events for concerts and festivals, exhibitions and fashion exhibitions. Castles of Fontainebleau and Versailles and the River Seine on the UNESCO list of world heritage. UNESCO has its own building  in Paris. Metropolitan Cathedral of Notre-Dame was built in the Gothic style between 1163 and 1235. Another famous church is the Basilica Sakr because on the hill of Montmartre, 1914. The most important museums in Paris, the Museum of Louvre, Musée, Orsay, Centre Georges Pompadour, the Museum of man, the Picasso Museum, the Rodin Museum, the Paris catacombs. Bibliothèque Mazarine from 1643 is the oldest public library in France. National Library of France is located at two locations. The building  ”Richelieu” is in the second department wing ”François Mitterrand” wing 13. In this library are assesses to 30 million.


Because of the historical policy of centralization in France, the best of theater, Opera and Ballet of France were of them are concentrated in Paris. Most Famous theaters the Comedie-Francaise and the Theater on the Champs-Elysees Theatre des Champs-Elysees.