Watch: Chad Johnson is playing pro football in Mexico and making it look easy

Chad Johnson is scoring easy TDs in pro football league in Mexico
Chad Johnson, aka Chad Ocho Cinco will go down as one of the most talked about NFL players in history. During his tenure in the league, he was outgoing, attention-grabbing and also a pretty superb wide receiver. There weren’t many things Johnson didn’t do, including cause a few headaches at times for his organization.

Even still, Johnson was exceptional, but apparently, his playing days aren’t done just yet. Johnson, who spent each of his 11 seasons in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals, aside from one with the New England Patriots, totaled 11,059 receiving yards and 67 touchdowns. He topped the 1,000-yard mark seven times and now, he’s getting it done in Mexico.

In his first game with the Monterrey Fundidores of the Liga de Fubol Americano Profesional league, Johnson went to work, as you can see on YouTube via Mando.


To be honest, that probably just wasn’t fair. It’s pretty easy to argue that even at the age of 39, Johnson can probably dominate against any defensive back in this league. As you can see from the video, that got proven to be true pretty quickly.

Johnson came off the line, avoided being jammed and basically just jogged down the field for one of the easiest touchdowns that you’ll ever see. To go along with that, the quarterback pretty much just watched Johnson the entire time waiting for him to get separation, probably because he knew it was coming (like we all did).

Hey, Johnson may not be making a return to the NFL anytime soon, but he can at least still play a good amount, and look good doing it. Even though in the video above, we didn’t get to see any of his incredible celebrations that he was known for during his time in the league.

Since we’ll probably get plenty more video of Ocho Cinco playing, we’ll hold out hope that there’s still time for some great celebrations and a few more big-time plays that are worth watching. Thanks for keeping us entertained during the NFL offseason, Chad.