WATCH: Stan Wawrinka calls Roger Federer an a***hole during emotional speech

Stan Wawrinka jokingly calls Roger Federer an a***hole

It must be frustrating playing tennis in the same era as the legendary Roger Federer.

Having won 90 career titles – including 18 Grand Slams – Federer has dominated the sport ever since his first Grand Slam triumph at Wimbledon in 2003.

And one player that has every right to be annoyed with Federer is Stan Wawrinka.

Wawrinka would be one of the greatest tennis players Switzerland has ever produced but has been eclipsed by his countryman during his entire career.

And that happened once again this weekend as Federer beat Wawrinka in the Indian Wells final.


Federer won 6-4, 7-5 to take the title, leaving Wawrinka very emotional afterward.

In fact, the runner-up was so emotional that he ended up jokingly calling Federer an “a***hole’ during his speech after the match.

“I would like to congratulate Roger,” Wawrinka said, with tears in his eyes as he glanced over at Federer. “He’s laughing. He’s an a***hole, but it’s OK.”

He continued: “I lost some tough ones against you, but when you played the final in Australia I was still your biggest fan so congratulations for your comeback and congratulations for today.

“Anybody who loves to watch tennis loves to watch you so it’s always good to see you back at that level, hopefully for many years.”

As Wawrinka said, every tennis fan is delighted to see Federer back after his incredible Australian Open triumph having been out of tennis for six months prior to the tournament.

And, despite turning 36 later this year, it seems Federer has no intentions to slow down as his fifth Indian Wells triumph has seen him rise to sixth in the World Rankings.


But what did he think about being called an a***hole in front of thousands of fans?

Well, he actually quite enjoyed it, it seems.

“I was trying, when he looked at me, not to give him the sad face,” Federer said. “I was looking at him going, ‘You’ll be fine,’ and gave him a laugh, say, maybe gets his mind off it. I guess I achieved that.

“That’s why I take it as a compliment,” he said, smiling.
“There’s not always cameras around, so I get called that sometimes. Quite often, actually. On the court is the first time, but it felt good.”

Don’t worry, Roger, you’re certainly not an a***hole. In fact, you’re one of the greatest tennis players the sport has ever seen.