Black Panther began recording: peek/see photos from Atlanta

The newest film project on Marvel film studio, Black Panther, officially began production, and from the set in Atlanta you can look at the first photos. Chadwick Boseman, the actor who portrayed the title role (T’Challa or Black Panther) was spotted on set in Atlanta, and there arrived colleagues  Martin Freeman, Viola Davis, Lupita Nyong’o […]

Star Wars Episode VIII Finally Got The Official Title: STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI.

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‘Kong: Skull Island’ Chapter’ Latest Updates & Release Date

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‘Resident Evil’: The Final Chapter’ Latest Updates & Release Date


Everything You Need To Know About Setting Up A New PC…

Congratulations, you’re the proud owner of a new Windows PC! Maybe you found one under the Christmas tree, or finally decided to ditch that old laptop you’ve been hauling around since high school. Either way, you’ve got some work ahead of you. Getting that PC into fighting shape, paring down all that bloatware, and getting […]


Did Will Be Safety Alcohol Detection In Cars?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety (ACTS) began research in February 2008 to try to find potential in-vehicle approaches to the problem of alcohol-impaired driving. Members of ACTS comprise motor vehicle manufacturers representing approximately 99 percent of light vehicle sales in the U.S. This cooperative research partnership, […]


Dubai Firework Technology 2017!!!

Guides can confirm that the Burj Khalifa fireworks display, which has become one of the most watched spectacles on the planet, will begin at the stroke of midnight on December 31, 2016 and have a theme of celebrating national pride, serving as symbolic bridge between the present and future of Dubai.     The highlight […]


Smart Guns!!!

The mass shoot at the nightclub in Orlando a week ago today represents the latest of what has become a reoccurring nightmare in America. Family and friends are mourning again. Flags are at half-staff again. And once again, there are calls for gun control, which happens every time there’s an incident like this. 1 proposal to […]


2018 Dodge Challenger SRT DEMON (840HP) Extreme Muscle Car (Video)

The heart of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is the supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI Demon V8, rated at 840 horsepower and 770 pounds-feet of torque. The red-painted Demon engine has been certified to the SAE J1349 industry standard for its horsepower and torque ratings. The engine also meets all applicable legal emissions regulations. While the […]


Volkswagen Atlas (2018) Features, Design, Testing (Videos)

With a starting price (MSRP) of $30,500, the new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas is loaded with standard equipment and available technology features. For maximum utility and comfort, the Atlas offers a spacious interior, with innovative access to the third row. Atlas S The Atlas TSI S starts at $30,500 and features a standard four-cylinder turbocharged 2.0L […]


Bmw PP-Performance Pd650i Gran Coupe (VIDEO)

Starring in this video shot around Top Marques in Monaco last month, is one of PP-Performance’s latest projects. The heavily customized BMW 650i particularly impresses with a loud soundtrack leaving the Monaco public in awe. While PP-Performance have not released all of the specifics around this project yet, it is clear that they increased the […]


Mercedes AMG C63 vs Audi RS6 – Drag Race (Videos)

Naturally aspirated engines are like straightforward girlfriends – they’re not amazing, but you know exactly what to expect from them. Yet just like glossy magazines have changed our perception of beauty, so too have turbo engines changed our understanding of power. What the heck are we talking about? Well how else would you start a […]


Best destinations in USA for 2017

Asheville, North Carolina 2017 sees one of the USA’s most eclectic and innovative small cities step firmly into the national spotlight. Asheville welcomes everyone with open arms and has been quietly emerging as a haven for creative spirits for decades. More than 200 artists showcase their wares in the River Arts District and the astonishing number of craft […]

Where to go in February

What It’s Like to Travel on the Most Romantic Destinations Alone




5 April 1944 – Soviet sniper Roza Shanina killed her first German soldier.

  Roza Shanina (3 April 1924 – 28 January 1945) was a Soviet sniper during World War II who was credited with fifty-nine confirmed kills, including twelve soldiers during the Battle of Vilnius. Shanina volunteered for the military after the death of her brother in 1941 and chose to be a marksman on the front […]



Our expert reveals his picks for the 10 coolest new models on display in Vegas, priced from $300 to $1,700, you’re sure to find one you’ll want to stick in your belt, put under your pillow, or hide under the card table. Colt Cobra From 1950 until 1981, when it was discontinued, the Colt Cobra […]


10 New Rifles For 2017

In the world of bolt-action and modern sporting centerfire rifles, there is no shortage of new offerings for hunters and shooters to consider; after many models were unveiled at the 2017 SHOT Show, here are a few of this year’s hottest new rifles that caught our attention. With the dawn of a New Year, there […]


Mossberg MMR Tactical (AR-15)

Everyone and their brother makes an AR-15 these days. It is without a doubt the most popular design in the United States, and for good reason — it’s like Legos for grown ups. More and more “traditional” gun companies are throwing their hats in the ring, producing budget priced AR-15 copies for the civilian market. […]


Caracal Releases New Enhanced F Model, 2 New Rifles

Caracal USA introduced us with  two tactical rifles and the much anticipated Enhanced F model pistol at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The Enhanced F is an updated take on the company’s standard F series, which was sidelined in 2012 after a safety recall. The Enhanced F series sticks with the 9mm, striker-fired polymer […]